Saturday, March 30, 2013

A home for spring

Well it's official. Spring is here.

While snow still lingers in dirty piles, plants sprout, trees bud, and the green house gets freakin' hot!

As the temperatures in the greenhouse were rising to above 80 degrees, I realized it was time to move the quail. My dad and I have been working on this run. It measures 6x2 feet. It turned out quite lovely, dont you think!

The quail are slightly confuzzled by the move, but getting on fine. Today, and the day before yesterday they layed 7 eggs. Quite impressive, I must say for a bird weighing barely 12 ounces!

While getting them in and out of this new run, I have encountered a few problems. While attempting to move them, both Dove and Loli escaped. It was a panicked moment, but they both are very calm so i returned them to their hutch in a few seconds.

So while this set up currently isn't too attractive, with the propane tank propping the greenhouse door open, and the dirty pink-whatever, I think it will look very nice once plants start to grow.


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