Thursday, November 22, 2012

Candling the eggs....

Today is the 8th day of incubation. The hatching eggs are looking very nice!

Today i decided to attempt candling them with nothing more with a piece of cardboard and a strong flashlight. I have heard that it is nearly impossible to candle quail eggs, because the shell is so thick. But i decided to attempt anyways. 

Candling is a process where incubating eggs are held over a bright light in a dark room, allowing one to see the developing chick inside.

This is the least speckled quail egg i could find, so thought it would be perfect.
You can't see much detail, but you can see the outline of the yolk, and the air pocket. Since i am a complete newbie at this, i have no idea if this egg is going to hatch or not. But still it was cool to be able to see this much.

I candled some of the other eggs, and i found this one with a pretty big crack in it. I am going to keep it in the incubator on the off chance that it will hatch. I think that since none of the white is pouring out, it should be fine.

Only 9 days left until hatch! 

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