Friday, November 16, 2012

The Hatching eggs.

So they arrived earlier then i had expected! Instead of a mere 24 of them, i got sent 6 extras. Every single one of them is intact!

This is how they came packed.
 They are all different beautiful colors!!

But since they arrived earlier than i thought they would, i didn't have the incubator set up. So after a few major temp swings, i got it to a nice 101 degrees.

Reasons they might not hatch:

The major tempurature swing at the beginning! I hope I caught it in time and all of the eggs are okay!

It's a home made incubator. I have no idea how reliable it is...

It got shipped and who knows how they were tossed around!

I have never done this before.

Reasons they may hatch. 

I am making sure to turn them 3 times a day.

They were packed very nicely, and none of them were broken.

The incubator is at a really nice tempature now!

There are 30 of them so chances are at least a few will hatch.

16 days until hatch! 


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