Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Storm

I woke up this morning to the sound of strong wind and rain- a look outside confirmed that there was a massive storm surrounding my house.
           At first, i had no particular reason to worry about the quail- our greenhouse is very sturdy. But then i noticed our neighbor over by the greenhouse, waving his arms.
I ran out in my Pajamas to see that one of the quail, Lolipop, had escaped- The greenhouse door was being bent by the rain. After a few tries, i caught her quite easily, and returned her to the greenhouse.
However all of the little quail were running around nervously, soaking wet- one of the top panels of the greenhouse had blown out.
As I tried to move them into their hutch so they would be safe, the front door of the greenhouse blew out as well. After a while of frantically chasing them in my Pj's, i got them safe into their hutch with plenty of food and water.

The aftermath looks pretty chaotic...

 But they are all okay, if a bit traumatized.

 Plus they have been laying like crazy! This is from 5 days...

Also, we seem to have a lovely barred owl living in our backyard- I'm sure my little quail are afraid of him, but he can't get into the greenhouse!


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