Friday, December 14, 2012

Meet my flock

Each of my coturnix quail have their own unique personality! Here they are.

Spaz: Is the trouble maker. He is so mean to the other birds, so now he is living in seperate quarters. He has such a beautiful crow!

Charlie: Is the other roo, is much quieter and doesn't crow ( Yet... ). The poor guy got attacked by Spaz so he isn't very pretty right now, but he is a good little bird

Calico: I hate to choose favorites, but this little girl is gorgeous. She is also very sweet, and doesn't object to being picked up and held. She is a bit of an outcast with the other birds but she is very happy and funny. 

 Dove: Is beautiful and pure white. She is shy and quiet, and spends a lot of her time snuggling in the coop. 

 Cotton: Is Dove's twin! Maybe not, but they look very alike. Cotton is calm, but doesn't like being picked up very much.
Spice: Is the naughtiest little quail! But she is also a sweetheart, although shy. She is very light and boy can she FLY. More on her later. 

Lolipop: Is very quiet and shy. She spends lots of time in the coop portion of the hutch.
 Stella: Is chubby and the queen of the coop! She is friendly enough and isn't too afraid of people. She is almost all white except for a little black dot on her head.

Dusty: Is very active and loves to run around! She doesn't like to be touched or held but is funny to watch.

There you are! Aren't they cute? Thanks for reading!



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  7. Thanks so much all! They are beautiful little birds... And thanks Lisa for choosing my blog as a favorite!


    1. You're welcome. I'm excited to follow along and see more great information and photos from you!