Friday, December 14, 2012

The great escape ( Why to clip wings... )

It all started with the simple idea: My quail should be able to free range!

Of course, it doesn't work like that because quail would likely just run away. So i overturned a laundry basket and put Spice and Calico in it on the ground. They seemed happy about pecking around, so i left them there for a while.

When i came back, my presence must have upset Spice, because she easily slipped from between the bars, and flew away, into my neighbors yard.

Obviously, i was freaking out.

I quickly put Calico back in the hutch and chased after Spice with some feed in hand. She was under the neighbor's porch and i couldn't reach her, and she wouldn't come for the food. I was inches away so i tried to grab her, but she flew about 100 feet away.

I went to grab a bucket to carefully shoo her into. She came really close to a some dense bushes- if she went in there, I would never be able to find her.

The next time she flew, she flew into my bucket, scared but unharmed. Then, looking ridiculous, i exited my neighbor's yard with a bird and a bucket.

I returned her to the hutch, and snipped off the tips of her wing feathers. Now she is safe and at home!

That was pretty scary! But i'm glad she's okay.



  1. That was a close call, but thats how we learn.

  2. Yes, i'm definitely still learning!