Saturday, December 29, 2012


The quail were not getting along. Not at all. 

At first, Spaz began to bully them. So I put him in the greenhouse. Next, Charlie became a bully. So i put him in separate quarters. Then Cotton, started picking on the others.

That was when i realized they were not happy in their hutch. They didn't have enough room, and they were not happy.

It was terrible to see them get hurt. Dove and Dusty were very badly injured by the others. So i decided i had to change something.

 So i moved them to the greenhouse.
All of them.

It isn't the prettiest out there, with all of the compost, watering systems and black plastic to keep the ground unfrozen. But they are in heaven out there. They still have squabbles, and sometimes they chase each other. But they never hurt each other, if one of them wants to get away from the others, they get away.  This is only for the winter, and i'm not sure what i am going to do with them in the summer.

But they are so happy right now...

They have compost to chow on, plenty of places to drink from, feed scattered every where, bushes to hide in. 

And also, they are much tamer. For some reason, out in the greenhouse they are so much more friendly. Even the shy ones like Spaz don't mind being picked up. 

The only little bird that is still terrified of me is Spice. She is a crazy little one. While the others wait at the door to be fed, she flies into the opposite wall! She is always alright, but she is very crazy.

And since they are so happy, i have had a few surprises.

Calico is a boy.

And so is Cricket.

And so is Cotton.

So i have 5 females and 5 males... not a very good ratio at all. But they all get along, and i have only heard them crow a few times. Actually, i'm not sure if Charlie is a boy... i haven't ever heard him crow. Hmmmmmm... So i might have 6 females and 4 males. It's too bad that i won't get that many eggs, but it's okay.

What funny little birds! Now all i have to do is wait for eggs :) 



  1. Yay! I'm glad you were able to solve the problem!