Friday, December 14, 2012

New birds!

 At last, we went to pick up our quail. 10 beautiful A&M coturnix, 8 hens and 2 roosters. All of them seem very happy, healthy and inquisitive. At first they were afraid of me, but they are slowly getting used to my presence.They seem a bit crowded in their hutch- they are, with only 8 square feet instead of the recommended 10 square feet for this many birds. But they are nice and cozy and they can keep each other warm in the cold, soon-to-be-winter weather.

 Inside their little "coop" Portion of the hutch they have plenty of cozy straw, and they like to spend plenty of their time in there.

They are curious, funny little things.  They make the cutest peeping sounds and are friendly and odorless. They blend into our backyard very well, and they are adorable little pets!

I got the first egg 2 days ago, which was beautiful and speckled, and very tasty! There have been no eggs since, i'm assuming because they are still stressed from the trip to their new home.

I am looking forward to taming these little guys and getting ( hopefully ) Fresh eggs daily!!!

Clover ~

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