Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The incubator disaster....

So, you may be wondering why I didn't post about the chicks hatching 3 days ago.

Well, they didn't hatch.

Today was day 20 of incubation, so i turned off the incubator and cracked open all of the eggs to see what had developed inside....

There where 27 eggs with nothing inside at all, and 3 with embryos that quit. Two quit on about day 7, and one quit on about day 15. It was a little sad, that none of them hatched, all thanks to my wonderful spike up to 110 degrees on the first day!

But this is all a learning experience. I'm going to start back up again, with a REAL incubator and some hatching eggs. Or, maybe i will start with adult quail. We will see!


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